MaxPax has capabilities in the field of horizontal form fill and seal bagging. We can fill all types of products: powders, pastes, liquids, granular, mixes and solid items in all shapes and sizes. From stand-up pouches to small single serve packets, we have multiple machinery from intermittent machines for large pouches, to high speed equipment for large volume runs, we can handle all projects large or small.

Reach out today to see how we can help with your horizontal bagging project.

Horizontal Stand Up Pouch

Stand-Up Pouch

Stand Up pouch with zipper

Stand-Up Pouch with Zipper

3-sided seal pouch

Layflat Pouch:
3-Sided Seal

4-sided seal

Lay-flat Pouch:
4-Sided Seal

4-sided seal with Zipper

Lay-Flat Pouch:
3 or 4-Sided Seal With Zipper

Peg / Hang Holes

Zipper & Closure Options

Custom Shaped Pouches

Nitrogen Flushing