MaxPax has a wide array of capabilities in the field of pre-made pouch packaging. From stand-up zippered pouches to spouted pouches of different shapes and sizes, we have experience running products of all shapes and sizes. Product fill types include: liquids, powders, pastes, granulars, mixes and solid items.

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Horizontal Stand Up Pouch

Stand-Up Pouch

Pre-made standup with zipper

Stand-up Pouch:
With Zipper

3-sided seal pouch

Lay-Flat Pouch:
3-Sided Seal

4-sided seal

Lay-Flat Pouch:
4-Sided Seal

Lay-Flat Pouch:
3 or 4-Sided Seal with Zipper

Pre-made Shaped Spout Pouch

Center Spouted

Corner Spouted

Corner Spouted Pouches

Peg / Hang Holes

Zipper and Closure Options

Custom Shaped Pouches

Nitrogen Flushing