contract packaging from Max Pax

Max Pax is here for your contract packaging needs

When you’re running a successful business, it can be difficult to accomplish every single part of the manufacturing process in-house. Maybe you’re trying out a new size for one of your bestselling items, and you’re hesitant to purchase the equipment needed to package it. Or, you’re producing a cleaning product, and your headquarters is just too small for you to perform front-end blending of ingredients.

So, what are you supposed to do—invest the capital into a larger facility? There’s a much more cost-effective solution: Find a contract packager with whom you can partner. That’s where MaxPax comes in. We have years of experience with handling many different product types, including liquids and pastes, powders and solids. You can send us the raw ingredients and formulation, and we do the rest. The good thing about working with a contract packager is that you don’t have to pay upfront for all the equipment development and purchasing. Chances are, we have already performed the type of job you’re requesting, and we have the equipment needed in-house. So, you would be taking advantage of our wide range of capabilities.

It’s no secret that it’s less expensive to perform several different aspects of preparing a product in the same facility, and that’s exactly what happens when you decide to contract with MaxPax. Once we’re done blending and mixing the product, we transfer it to a different portion of our large facility for the packaging part of the job. We use whatever type of packaging fits your product best:

  • Plastic bottles and jars
  • Flexible pouch
  • Single-serve packaging
  • Flow wrapping
  • Buckets and pails
  • Cups and canisters
  • Trays and tubs

Even if you want to make your own product, we’re still able to fulfill the packaging side for you so you don’t have to invest in a whole new line of equipment—and pay extra shipping costs. Let’s say you’re a company in California that has a production plant in the Chicago area. If you do your own packaging in-house, you have to ship all that product 2,000 miles from Chicago to the West Coast. That will cost a pretty penny in shipping.

Or, you could just bring MaxPax on board. We’re located in Elkhorn, Wisconsin—about two hours north of Chicago. Brand owners like using us for their contract packaging because they can simply transfer product from their Midwest plant to our large facility, without the need to pay exorbitant shipping charges. Mathematically, it just makes sense.

Here’s how it works when you want to bring on MaxPax as your co-packager: When you approach us, we’ll ask lots of questions to determine the scope of the work. We need to know exactly what you want, when you want it, and whether we have existing equipment to help you—or whether it makes sense for us to acquire that equipment. Then, we’ll present the proposal to our team to see if we want to pursue the partnership. If we decide to move forward, we’ll review a contract that specifies the amount of time for which we’re working with you. Then, it’s time to make magic happen!

When you’re working to make sure your company stays profitable, sometimes working with a contract packager is just the smartest choice.

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