patented liquid packaging solution

MaxPax has begun offering an innovative flexible package that could revolutionize the way manufacturers provide liquid concentrates to consumers.

With traditional liquid packaging products, accurately measuring the concentrate can be difficult. Pouring it without making a mess is an even bigger chore. The wasted product and overall inconvenience to consumers has been a huge challenge for manufacturers to overcome.

MaxPax began working on a solution to this dilemma roughly eight years ago. At that time, a concept already existed in the marketplace that utilized a flexible pouch with a breakable seal. One of MaxPax’s customers was testing that style of packaging, but wasn’t having much success. So MaxPax engineers started thinking about a flexible package where the package itself could break, as opposed to just the seal. Furthermore, the package wouldn’t break until the precise moment the consumer wanted it to.

After years of development, MaxPax has created a packaging solution the market has long been waiting for. MaxPax has already obtained a U.S. patent for its creation, and additional patents are pending worldwide.

“Our new product is a flexible pouch with an internal bladder system,” says Mallory Stahulak, general manager of MaxPax. “The bladder is made of a proprietary material we developed with a plastics manufacturer. The bladder is heat-sealed inside of a flexible package. The bladder material is strong and holds up during manufacturing and shipping. It also does a great job of holding the liquid back — until the consumer applies a certain amount of pressure by squeezing the pouch, at which time the bladder breaks and the liquid is released.”

Liquid Packaging Solution is ready for market

Stahulak says the possibilities are almost endless for this type of packaging. From beverage concentrates and household cleaning to plant sprays and auto care, any manufacturer that markets a liquid-based product can benefit.

Regardless of the industry, the ideal application is a concentrated refill. Most liquid products are 90% water. When utilizing MaxPax’s patented flexible packaging, the consumer would just take a single-serve pouch of pre-measured concentrate, transfer it to an existing receptacle like a spray bottle, and fill it with water to get to the recommended concentration.

Stahulak says it would also be possible to manufacture a flexible pouch with two bladder systems, each containing a different liquid concentrate. This would allow the consumer to conveniently and accurately mix two different products from the same pouch.

“We are providing a brand new, innovative flexible packaging solution to our customers across many industries,” Stahulak says. “We are looking for our customers to find additional functionality for this type of packaging as it relates to their wide variety of liquid products. We’re even encouraging them to come up with a marketable name to market the packaging in tandem with their products. It is all very exciting as we begin the rollout process.”

MaxPax has invested in unique equipment to facilitate the production of these flexible pouches. “We’ve actually retrofitted an entire production line to allow us to produce this product,” Stahulak says.

The timing is perfect. There has been significant growth in liquid-based cleaners and other household products over the past year. There has also been tremendous growth in e-commerce. Liquid concentrate packaged in a user-friendly flexible pouch help fill an emerging need in the marketplace.

“Consumers are shopping more online and having more products shipped to their homes,” Stahulak points out. “You could fit five or six of our 2- to 5-oz. flexible pouches in the same box needed to ship a single 24-oz. bottle of liquid-based product. That saves the consumer money. It also spares the consumer from worrying that their bottle might be damaged during shipping. Our patented pouch with bladder system has passed numerous quality tests including ISTA (International Safe Transit Association) 3A testing, which deems it safe for a parcel delivery system such as UPS.”

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